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Xtreme Power

Xtreme Power, a global provider of power quality solutions, is dedicated to providing the most reliable power protection for mission critical applications. Xtreme Power manufactures UPS, power distribution units, and portable cooling products for a global network of OEMs and distributors. 

CEG is proud to offer customers Xtreme Power’s complete line of UPS solutions. 

Three Phase UPS

E90 Online Tower UPS

E90 online tower UPS provides economical three phase double conversion power for small data centers, network closets, retail stores, servers and industrial applications.

E90 features unity output power factor to support up to 25% more critical loads than similar competitive UPS. Up to 50% smaller than competitive units, the E90 provides an all-in-one, energy efficient solution.

M90 Modular Online UPS

The M90 is a scalable modular online three phase UPS that protects critical data and equipment from power problems, while supplying clean and reliable network grade power.

The entire M90 family of UPS can be configured with a fully redundant power module and battery modules. Should one module fail, the remaining modules smoothly take over the load. Because the power modules are independent, they can be hot swapped without risk to the critical load.

R91 Three-Phase Online UPS

Xtreme Power R91 provides industry leading power density and efficiency. Continuous online double conversion or ECO mode can be user selected. The R91 programmable battery charger and advanced rectifier power walk-in features help optimize compatibility with numerous source types and ratings.

The R91 UPS is available in many custom configurations including parallel tie with up to 4 modules, 480V input, maintenance bypass, and output distribution.

Line Interactive UPS

S70 Line Interactive UPS

Power quality disturbances including voltage fluctuations, over voltage, under voltage, and voltage blackouts occur unexpectedly. In the event of any of these common power problems, the S70 UPS activates to protect all connected critical loads—ranging from your computer to your business telephone system.

The S70 streamlines installation to just a few simple steps, allowing backup power protection right out of the box. The smart LCD screen offers real-time monitoring of UPS parameters while shutdown and monitoring software enables UPS and remote device control over your network.

P80 Pure Sine Wave Line Interactive UPS

The P80 is a pure sine wave line interactive UPS that protects critical data and equipment from power problems while supplying clean and reliable network grade power.

P80 units are the highest efficiency available, providing utility cost savings at all load levels. P80 design provides flexible mounting including tower, rack, or optional wall mounting. P80 unity and 0.90 Power Factor models provide more power for high density loads.

V80 Line Interactive UPS

V80 is a pure sine wave line interactive UPS that protects critical data and equipment form power problems while supplying clean and reliable network grade power. V80 units have the highest efficiency ratings available, providing utility cost savings at all load levels. V80 design provides flexible mounting including tower, wall and rack mounting.

Xtreme Power offers a lithium-ion V80 UPS that includes redundant Battery Management Systems (BMS), insuring cell voltage balancing, current sharing and protection for over-charge and over-discharge.

Single Phase UPS

P91 Online UPS

The P90 is a true online UPS that delivers continuous, high quality AC power to servers and network equipment with no break when transferring to battery. The P90 provides tower, rack, and wall mount options. It protects your equipment from blackouts, brownouts, sags, surges, and noise interference. The P90 offers the lowest total cost of ownership by cutting energy costs and lowering heat output.

Xtreme Power offers a P91 UPS with lithium-ion batteries that provide more than twice the life, higher temperature tolerance, longer runtime, and faster recharge than conventional lead-acid UPS. Online double conversion technology makes P91 Li UPS ideal for protection of the most critical network, server, edge and distributed IT applications.

M90S Online UPS

Xtreme Power M90S UPS is a scalable, modular, flexible solution that combines continuous power availability and the highest efficiency for mission critical applications.

M90S provides unity power factor output (kVA = kW) providing maximum usable power and avoids any need to oversize the UPS. Maintenance bypass and output distribution within the UPS frame eliminate the need for external component connections, reducing installation costs.

Capacity, redundancy, battery runtime, and output receptacles can all be customized to meet your specific needs. Hot swappable power and battery modules provide rapid maintenance and repair.

T91 Online UPS

The T91 UPS provides double conversion online power for light industrial applications, point of sale, servers, voice & data networks, and laboratories. It features unity output power factor to support up to 43% more critical loads than typical UPSs.

Extended battery runtimes are available from the T91 by adding up to seven matching battery packs. The T91 battery charger can be programmed to provide up to 8 amps of recharge current to insure batteries are recharged quickly and prepared for the next utility outage.