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Rack-based Cooling Provides Flexibility, Efficiency for Edge Environments

by | Jun 26, 2021 | blog | 0 comments

Server rooms and network closets are getting smaller as companies continue to experience growth at the edge and seek to maximize every square inch of space. With critical IT equipment housed in increasingly compact footprints, cooling has become a growing challenge for operators and a priority for solution providers.

Rack-based cooling is a favorable cooling solution for smaller environments as it is the most flexible option and is easy to plan for any power density.

Scalability – As technology changes, your data center must be agile enough to grow with new technological developments. To meet future demands, it’s important to have a flexible rack cooling solution that you can easily add to, as equipment sizes and products evolve.

Cost Efficiency – Save money over time by preparing for growth. Having a flexible rack cooling system means less cost for each future upgrade. While the initial cost of a rack-based cooling system is slightly higher than other cooling solutions, its scalability allows for other economies over time.

Manageability – Standardized components of a rack cooling system make it easier to perform routine service procedures.

Rack-Based Cooling Solutions

In edge deployments, IT equipment frequently gets put in spaces it’s not designed for, and existing room cooling can’t handle the extra heat. As a result, edge environments are moving away from wall-mounted units to having the cooling right next the load. Self-contained rack cooling units and split rack cooling units are easy to install and don’t occupy any valuable floor space.

Self-contained Rack Cooling Units           

  • Plug and play – no professional installation required
  • Can be installed at the bottom of a standard 19″ rack
  • Sensible capacity up to 3500W
  • Built-in controls for remote monitoring
  • Simple heat rejection

Split Rack Cooling Units

  • Outdoor heat rejection
  • Occupies less U space in the rack
  • Less noisy thanks to compressor positioned in outdoor unit
  • Sensible capacity up to 3500W
  • Built-in controls for remote monitoring

Get the Most Out of Your Cooling System

Not sure what your server room cooling-system requirements are? CEG can help! CONTACT US today to get more information on how to effectively and efficiently cool the IT equipment in your edge environment. And learn more about CEG’s additional Airflow and Precision Cooling solutions HERE.